Indian Head Massage


If you tend to carry tension in the upper back, neck, shoulders and head, Indian Head Massage can really help to free that tension, clear the head, focus the mind and allow the body to come back into a lovely state of homeostasis.

It originates from an Indian alternative medicine system called Ayurveda, (translated as the ‘science of life’), whereby it is believed that the mind and body are intricately connected and thus can influence one another. Through this theory, it is understood that Indian head massage can not only reduce headaches and improve physical well-being, but it can also improve mental and emotional wellness too.

Other benefits include

☆ General and specific relaxation for muscles providing immediate relief
☆Relief from acute and chronic neck and shoulder stiffness.
☆ Loosens the scalp
☆Increases oxygen uptake in the tissues
☆Stimulates and improves circulation of the lymphatic system
☆Provides relief from earache, eye strain, tension headaches and migraine
☆Eases mental tiredness
☆Increases levels of alertness and concentration
☆Releases stagnant energy, boosting available energy on all levels